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Guidelines after tonsil removal

The tonsils are large lumps at the back of the throat. If all is well, the almonds are useful. They then act as a sort of filter for the incoming microbes. Sometimes the tonsils are not able to sufficiently destroy the germs. The germs then accumulate in the tonsils, causing them to become inflamed. The tonsils then become thick and painful. This may be accompanied by a fever and feeling sick. Surgery may then be necessary. Surgery is also necessary if the tonsils are too large and cause breathing difficulties.



  • Day of surgery: drink cold water (with ice). eat yogurt, pudding, sorbet or ice cream

  • First day after surgery: thick cold liquid food. (ice cream, porridge, yogurt, lukewarm puree and plenty to drink)

  • Second day after surgery: soft white bread without crusts, lukewarm pureed food.


Then gradually eat and drink normally.


If your child vomits brown, old blood once, this is not serious. If, on the other hand, he/she vomits clear, red blood, or if he/she continues to vomit, you should contact the pediatric ward or the attending physician.


After the procedure, it is best for your child to stay at home for five days to a week.


The first week NONE :

  • too hot food

  • citrus fruits or banana

  • sparkling drinks

  • sharp nutrients (chips, fries, ...)



If you have any questions, you can always contact the pediatric ward or your doctor.

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